Книга: Общий курс английского языка. Часть 2 (В2 – С1)
Назад: Тема 5. Согласование времен в английском языке
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Ключи к тестам уровня С1 (Advanced)

Тема 1. Конструкция Complex Object (сложное дополнение)

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I saw my friend… the train.

waiting for

2. I saw …, take a letter and read it.

my husband come in

3. Ann heard… the guitar.

her playing

4. The man felt… with joy.

his heart beat

5. I saw… the street looking to the left and to the right.

a woman cross

6. Fred heard… up-stairs.

his sister walking

7. Nick felt… with joy.

his heart beating

8. Those who live in the North Pole do not see… out for months.

the sun come

9. Ann heard ….

a car passing

10. The girl felt ….

her hands tremble

11. The chief expected… the next week.

the work to be done

12. We all want ….

you to come as soon as possible

13. The tourists were watching ….

the sun rising

14. The boy watched… over the tea-things.

his sister bending

15. Fred expected… the 1-st to come.

Ann to be

16. I didn’t consider… a good specialist.

her to be

17. We expected… this matter.

them to discuss

18. Ann heard ….

someone call him

19. Mike noticed… the door and go away.

Fred open

20. She has never heard… the guitar.

him play

21. Everybody heard… to complete the work on time.

the employee promise

22. Mike noticed… the door.

her closing

23. He watched… down.

the woman going away

24. The professor heard… in the corridor.

the students walking

25. She heard… her husband everything about it.

Ann tell

Тема 2. Конструкция Complex Subject (сложное подлежащее)

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Ann… there in summer last year.

happened to be

2. These tasks… very difficult.

are considered to be

3. This composition… well.

is believed to have been written

4. A taxi was… outside.

seen to stop

5. This student is… very well.

known to study

6. The little girl was… out crying.

seen to burst

7. This city is… in the USA.

known to be situated

8. It is said… book of the year.

to be the best

9. A new work by this sculptor is… soon.

expected to be shown

10. This task was… easy.

thought to be

11. Bess Douglas is… a good teacher.

said to be

12. Fred was said… one of the best programmers of the company.

to be

13. This employee… in the UK but he came back.

was supposed to have stayed

14. Jess is… on Friday.

expected to arrive

15. The scientist did not know what he was ….

expected to say

16. This man was… a great writer.

known to be

17. They are… in five years.

supposed to graduate

18. The new machine is… into operation next month.

promised to go

19. The sun is… a mass of compressed gases.

known to represent

20. These films are… of great importance.

considered to be

21. The animals of such an age… very active.

are said to be

22. These manuals are… many advantages.

supposed to have

23. The books by Mark Tween are… in Russia.

known to be published

24. Those students were… hard.

said to work

25. This software was… out by that programmer.

known to have been worked

Тема 3. Обороты с причастием I и причастием II

Переведите предложение на русский язык. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The children went out… loudly.


2. … the classroom the teacher sat down at her table.


3. The young woman, … next door to me, is our new English teacher.


4. Oh, you have your hair ….


5. Dear Sir, we received the letter, … by you on the 12-th of July.


6. … in the UK, I knew a lot of interesting things about this country.


7. My sister bought a book, … about 150 years ago.


8. Yesterday I met a group of people, … French.


9. This is our new doctor, … next door to me.


10. The girl, … at the table, is my sister.


11. The man… at the window is my friend.


12. … French books, write out new.

When reading

13. … German well, that pupils are not afraid of the exam.


14. … English, we could not understand the stranger’s conversation.

Not knowing

15. … a lot of time before the arrival of the plane, I decided to see the sights of the city.


16. … foreign books, use the dictionary.

While reading

17, … the road, first look to the left.

while crossing

18. Ann stood at the window, … of her child.


19. … that text, write out all the new words and expressions.


20. … her voice Bess went down-stairs to meet her.


21. The girl, … down-stairs, is my elder sister.


22. He liked to rest in the evening… in front of the fireplace.


23. Ann sat at the table… a newspaper.


24. A… cup was thrown out.


25. My sister was sitting in the sofa, … a letter.


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