Книга: Learning Concurrency in Python
Назад: Processes
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Properties of processes

UNIX processes are created by the operating system, and typically contain the following:

  • Process ID, process group ID, user ID, and group ID
  • Environment
  • Working directory
  • Program instructions
  • Registers
  • Stack
  • Heap
  • File descriptors
  • Signal actions
  • Shared libraries
  • Inter-process communication tools (such as message queues, pipes, semaphores, or shared memory)

The advantages of processes are listed as follows:

  • Processes can make better use of multi-core processors
  • They are better than multiple threads at handling CPU-intensive tasks
  • We can sidestep the limitations of the GIL by spawning multiple processes
  • Crashing processes will not kill our entire program

Here are the disadvantages of processes:

  • No shared resources between processes--we have to implement some form of IPC
  • These require more memory
Назад: Processes
Дальше: Multiprocessing

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