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Список литературы

Ключевые тексты, рекомедованные автором
Adkins, L. & Adkins, R. Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome 1998
Dudley, D. Urbs Roma 1967
Crook, J. Law and Life of Rome 1967
Gaius, (E. Post trans.) The Institutes of Roman Law 2017
Joshel, S. Work, Identity, and Legal Status at Rome: a Study of the Occupational Inscriptions 1992
McGinn, T. The economy of prostitution in the Roman world: a study of social history & the brothel 2004
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Rawson, B. (ed.) Marriage, Divorce and Children in Ancient Rome 1991
Treggiari, S. Roman Social History 2002
Veyne, P. (B. Pearce trans.) Bread and Circuses: Historical Sociology and Political Pluralism 1990
Рекомендованная дополнительная литература
Casson, L. Everyday Life in Ancient Rome 1999
Coletta, G. Rome: Reconstructed 2007
Edwards, C. 6c Woolf, G., (eds) Rome the Cosmopolis 2003
Harvey, B. Roman Lives, Corrected Edition: Ancient Roman Life Illustrated by Latin Inscriptions 2015
Matyszak, P. Ancient Rome on 5 Denarii a Day 2006 Stambaugh, J. The Ancient Roman City 1988
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